After throwing away an entire EP in early 2020, indie-electronic duo LANNDS came storming out of the gates at summer’s end, releasing the intricately woven and hooky-as-hell “o.o.w” in August. As the overwhelmingly positive press clippings and playlist inclusions piled up, the group’s braintrust–song-crafters Rania Woodard and Brian Squillace–were already putting the pieces together for another drop. On October 8, LANNDS unleashed the radical “ninety four” and an accompanying music video shot in and around Atlantic Beach, FL.

Like everything LANNDS puts out, “ninety four” carries a singular sonic signature (and packs a surprising punch!). Buoyed by distinctive percussion and a handful of wonderfully strange, but totally appropriate vocal samples, Woodard sounds as confident as ever weaving her voice around the rich sonic textures and unloading some of, perhaps, the coolest chest-thumping lyrics we’ve heard in a minute, including: “You know I got crystals on my chain.”

“‘ninety four’ is about being radical and taking up space,” the duo said in a press release for the song and video, adding that the song “is for people who feel underrepresented and lost.”

The full-length project from which both “o.o.w.” and “ninety four” are ripped is tentatively titled Lotus and is due out before the end of 2020.

Click play to watch the full vid for “ninety four.”