The Northeast Florida surf kids (and young at heart) are doing alright, it seems. With their retro equipment (single fin logs, twin fishes, hulls of all shapes and sizes), longboard-centric contests (their Log Jams, their Loggerhead Classics), and creative, stylish approaches to riding our playful waves, from Flagler pier to Huguenot jetty a new crop of surf-obsessed eccentrics are busying themselves laying the groundwork for a more eclectic, more fun-loving surf culture here in the 904.

Chris Tincher and Trent Phillips seeking a good time in Luke Kothera’s new surf short “e n d e”.

A new short film by local lensman Luke Kothera captures the movements of this loosely affiliated crew of shredders. Kothera’s “e n d e,” which features surfing from a broad group of retro-acolytes including Chris Tincher, Mari Evans, Billy Marshall, Saxon Wilson, Jon Jon Kaidy, Alex Hobbs, Trent “Tarpits” Phillips, and Pat Nichols is more than the sum of its various high-lines and many hang-tens, however. With artwork by Addie Gibson and Photography by Tory Ray, as well as a tasteful soundtrack featuring The Funkees, Skybox, and Gerry Rafferty’s timeless and fitting banger “Right Down the line,” Kothera’s film exemplifies the indomitable spirit of the movement; namely: that these kids know how to have a good time!

Check out “e n d e” below.

e n d e from Luke Kothera on Vimeo.