This feature originally appeared on our site in July of 2020. 

A few weeks ago, as the summer doldrums kicked into high (low?) gear here in Northeast Florida, local surfer–and World Champion longboarder–Justin Quintal, joined by his young, tube-hunting coconspirator Tosh Tudor and videographer Drew Miller headed west to play in Gulf. There, not only was this distinguished group greeted by some truly entertaining low-pressure system-induced surf,  compliments of Tropical Storm Cristobal, but also a handful of other standout shredders from Northeast Florida.

The resulting edit “Cristobal” has already been featured on Surfer Mag‘s website, as well as Stab, where Quintal’s capable word-smithing were a welcome corollary to the World Champ’s effortless noseriding and sweet tube-age. Read Quintal’s words here. And if you haven’t yet seen Miller’s short film, click play below to watch Quintal, Tudor, and co. play Gulf.

Cristobal | Justin Quintal and Tosh Tudor from Drew Miller on Vimeo.