North Florida surfer Justin Quintal suffers from a rare and incurable condition. Unlike more common, more treatable abnormalities, such as F.O.M.O., Quintal’s ailment—scientifically known as Boundless Frothinesis—has yet to be fully understood. Symptoms of the disorder—commonly referred to as froth—include acute restlessness during flat spells, spontaneous and insomniatic excursions up and down I-95, multiple, prolonged surf sessions per day, and an insatiable hunger for deep, deep barrels.

Quintal’s froth certainly flared up this fall and winter. The logmaster, tube-hound, and Vans team rider spent what was one of the most frigid, most-active Atlantic storm seasons in recent memory chasing waves up and down the East Coast, from Long Island to Reef Road (once on the same swell). Quintal was everywhere it seemed and the 27-year old’s exploits from DelMarVa to OBX to North Florida were publicized on all the major surf media sites.

But when he wasn’t in the barrel, or perched on the nose, Quintal was behind the wheel, often during twilight hours, racking up nearly 15,000 road miles on his 2006 Subaru Outback. Quintal’s whirlwind winter is proof that success as a right coast pro surfer takes more than inherent skill. It takes an unconscionable amount of drive (and driving). And it certainly requires some form of incurable madness.

Halyard Brewing Co. and Void Magazine are proud to present the exclusive video below documenting Quintal’s recent exploits. Grab a copy of Void’s Outdoor Issue (out now!) to see the full photo feature.

Presented by: Halyard Brewing Co. (
Filmed by: John Massey, Connor Cornell, Luke Kothera, Asher Nolan
Edit by: John Massey
Music: Broadcast – “I Found the F”

The text and photos for this feature originally appeared in the May 2018 issue of Void Magazine.