The latest cut and accompanying video by Duval hip-hop artist Jahny Steel is a macro-dose of 21st-century trippery. Propelled by a slo-mo, skull-shaking processed beat, the production is so sparsely eerie that it sounds like a fresh ghost taking a crack at a basscore mix.

The real rhythm is in Steel’s delivery, rapping in 5/4 over the halftime groove, at turns spitting out a promise about some “Robin Hood”-style thievery and safe-cracking, where everybody gets paid and fed in full. The video for “Stick Up Kid” plays out like an econo, resin-fed chimera of Melvin Van Peebles and Alejandro Jodorowsky (Sweet Sweetback’s Holy Mountain?), with quick flashes leading up to a caper,  “makin’ it rain” with a money shooter gun, Steel and a mystical princess dressed in colorful garb, blue-bladed swords, a forest saturated in orange colors, gun laser sights aimed POV, tough gals leaning against a car hood at midnight… did we mention this all goes down in less than three minutes? 

Click play to watch Steel steal the Duval Hip-hop spotlight.