The natural evolution of the “Yacht Rock” revival starts (and probably ends) with the self-described “Yacht Rap” of Hurricane Party. The supergroup comprised of Duval-native Rick “RickoLus” Colado and South Florida’s Jacques “Bleubird” Bruna continues its rein as purveyors of Sunshine State feel-good (and possibly feel-weird) jammage. Their new single “Hurricane Party!!!” is a zesty mashup of dance beats, hip-hop, acoustic guitar thrummery, and RickoLus’ singsong delivery offset by Bleubird’s whip-crack word flow. But like the duo’s previous work, “Hurricane Party!!!” is hardly a conventional dance-floor ditty.

Thunking congas rattling at Adderall-BPMs, a weirdly elegiac melody of symphonic synth-washes, and vocal effects that seem to tip the techno-hat to Ween and Gibby Haynes’ octave tweaking from old-school Butthole Surfers’ tunes will shake loose any neurons as much as any entice those reluctant wallflower bootys. Does the world need another dance-hop band? Probably not. Does the world need an electronic-happy band that morphs out pop influences into solid tunes? Yes. 

There’s a certain humor involved with Hurricane Party but the comedy is inclusive rather than VIP. A lazy writer (unlike this exalted journalistic juggernaut) would call the band “meta.” But that descriptor needs to be shoved down an abandoned mineshaft under a merciless moonlight. Hurricane Party are surely self-referential in the sense that they’re breaking new ground by breakdancing on familiar, old terrain. Stomp onward. 

On July 5, the band released their debut full-length Juice on Limited Fanfare Records, pressed on limited-edition vinyl and CD digi-pack, as well as digital download for those who like to buy music in their underwear whilst fat-backing on their vintage futon. So there’s no excuse to not hurl thyself into Hurricane Party’s undeniable groove vortex.

Click play to party on.