What makes a good surf session? Is it the quantity of waves caught? The quality of those waves? Is one steezy, full-rail carve enough to satiate until the next session? Or must that carve be punctuated with a radical finishing maneuver?

When I lived in San Francisco, I had a neighbor-friend who would opine that, for him, three rides equaled a satisfying surf session. A chiropractor, spiritual seeker and healer trained in Chinese medicine, my neighbor-friend — who, mind you, had a predilection for micro-dosing — would sneak out of the office between appointments, paddle into the chilly Pacific Ocean and indiscriminately pick off exactly three waves, riding the third into the shore break, before walking back to his office, contented — triumphant, even.

Granted, my neighbor-friend was more amenable to a good time, given his tripping on hallucinogenics and all. As I recall, he didn’t surf all that well, either.

But North Florida’s Hobie Sears does surf very well (how’s that for a segue?). And a few weeks ago, the Sunrise Surf Shop team rider paddled out near our hallowed Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier for a quick evening session. Sears was on a tear this particular evening, making the most of the mediocre surf with aggressive lip whacks and adroit aerial acrobatics.

North Florida surfer-videographer John Massey was there to capture it all, then deftly link together highlights from Sears’s session to produce a crafty, artful sub-one-minute edit that shows Sears, on his own quest for surf-related gratification, catching and riding many (many) more than just three waves.

Check out the video below — satisfaction guaranteed!*

@hobiesears filmed at 24fps on a foggy day. He was ripping.

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*Guarantee not backed by anything in particular.