Wanna be like North Florida’s Trenton Phillips?

First you’ll need a cool nickname–“Tarpits” is taken, so think of another. Then, once you’ve secured your very own skateboard model from Viking Skateboards, get imaginative–go find some unique transitions and funky spots to session. After that, make sure to ride a variety of surf crafts–fishes, logs, mid-lengths, etc. made by COS–and have your talented group of friends film all of your exploits. With the rest of your day you’ll need to take interesting photos and brush up on your Anime, sludge and doom metal, make some cool zines, and learn to play a miscellany of musical instruments, before meeting a talented editor/videographer, like North Florida’s John Massey who can make you a very neat edit, which he’ll call “Pegasus.”

Easy enough, yeah?

Or you can be your own person and just watch Tarpits go all terrain in Northeast Florida below.