The best garage rock has enough greasy swagger to step out of the garage. How punk are The Mother Gooses? They don’t even have a damn garage but they still rock. After forming in 2016, the beaches-bred trio wasted no time in establishing themselves on the local punk scene. They’ll open Bruval this Saturday. But prior to starting the band, guitarist Ed Gil, bass guitarist Matthew Shaw (he of Void editorial bust-a-moving) and drummer Matt Mattox say they barely knew how to play their instruments. But after years of standing around huffing the coiling fumes of a bonfire filled with smoldering Back from the Grave ‘60s garage punk compilations, artisanal belladonna, and a crudely carved effigy of Link Wray, The MGs were spontaneously gifted by the Garage Rock Gods with the unholy skills of thwacking out some serious minimal surf-punk lurch.

Photo: Joe Sabbag

“Go forth and prosper,” roared these sunburnt, illegally red-eyed deities; with the parting wisdom: “And remember: why have three chords when one shall do?” What do those very same Gods demand? Cheap beer, even cheaper equipment, broken cymbals, songs of “yelled woe,” and enough reverb to malfunction every radar and car alarm in a 1,000-mile radius, while cracking the monocles of an army of steampunk-cobbler-beard-posers.

The MGs have released two EPs, I Want You and My Baby Left me by the Sea… and are currently recording new songs for a full-length debut with Glenn Van Dyke of Boytoy. In the episode of Chasing Tales below, The MGs answer pressing questions like “lava or lasers,” profanely insult a satellite, and rip through a new tune called “Euro Child” from their forthcoming full-length.