With tours on hold and venues closed in the face of the open-ended coronavirus pandemic, it can feel like music itself has been cancelled.

And while you can purchase albums and stream songs (which we highly encourage you to do!), nothing can beat the live concert experience.

In light of that fact, many Northeast Florida artists are planning livestream events or recurring streams from their homes or home studios. No doubt one of the most ambitious local livestream shows in Duval Folx 24 IG [Instagram, OK boomer!] Live Party.

Duval Folx founder and party runner Geexella || Photo: Jesse Brantman

The brainchild of singer-rapper-DJ-activist-impresario Geexella, featuring 24 artists and musicians each with a one hour slot, the Duval Folx party kicked off last night with some Void faves The Black Toilet and Bebe Deluxe and continue through the night into the morn and now today with performances by LOVE Culture (1 p.m.), Che Forreign (3 p.m.), Sailor Goon (6 p.m.) and many more. The party starts is still raging so change out of your house shoes and put on a pair better suited for dancing. Follow Duval Folx to find all the artists IG handles, where you can follow the streams.

LOVE Culture performs a livestream set on April 4 at 3 p.m.

OF COURSE, Duval Folx advises you to “Drop that $$$” and support the artists that make Duval a place worth living!

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