Artists who continue to chase the muse into their late-twenties or even early thirties can often be made to feel superfluous. As those surround them resign to the tradeoffs inherent in modern existence–chasing paychecks or career paths more conducive to upward mobility (or simply the ability to pay rent on time)–creating for the sake of creating can be seen as, well… a waste of time.

St. Augustine singer-songwriter DL is OK touches on that theme and more in his 2018 tune, “Wasting My Time.” DL’s songwriting draws comparisons to masters of tastefully written rock songs like Dire Straits, The War On Drugs, and the late Tom Petty. Like Petty’s broadly resonant classic “I Won’t Back Down,” DL’s “Wasting My Time” is a song for every hardship, as it makes the case for persistence in the face of struggle, reproach, and/or criticism. The message, if translated into Millennial speak might be: do you.

Click play to watch DL do his thing at Void HQ.

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