“While local hip-hop collective L.O.V.E. Culture boasts five artists who can stand on their own, the group takes a stance to turn off the ego and roll up a kind of anonymous identity; creating and moving as one,” our Arts and Music Columnist Daniel Brown wrote in a recent feature about the group. “Even the group name L.O.V.E. –an acronym for “League of Vibrant Energies”–is an imprint of unity rather than celebrity. With an average age of 25, it’s even more rare that the group presents itself as one.”

The five artists that make up local hip hop collective L.O.V.E Culture recently dropped by Void HQ to perform songs from its ever-expanding catalog of uplifting, lyrically deft tunes. Click below to watch them move as one on the track “Shallow” from the group’s full-length Fluidity.

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Read Daniel Brown’s feature on L.O.V.E. Culture from the May 2019 Issue of Void Magazine, HERE.

This feature originally appeared in June of 2019.