Of all the hard goods, fins are perhaps the most undervalued in surfing (right there next to nose guards!). But in the Classic Logiverse, fins play a pivotal role–with depth, rake, foil, width, etc. providing options-innumerable for surfers interested in all manner of feels. Local skeg brand Cinema Fin Co. has assembled a roster of stylish, soul searching, rudder enthusiasts to test drive its range of Northeast Florida-crafted hard goods. In a new short from friend-of-Void-Mag Luke Kothera, the Cinema team–including Chris Tincher, Austin Marvin, Shane Konrad, Easten Greene, Alex Hobbs, and Tyler Baker–perform some undeniably hot logging on Cinema’s aforementioned skegs.

Click play below to watch some effortlessly stylish product placement.

To read more about Cinema Fin Co., read our interview with founding partner, Chris Tincher HERE. And shop Cinema fins HERE

Team cinema from Luke Kothera on Vimeo.