Oh how we’ve missed Cody Thompson surf clips! Sure, those of us who surf ’round Northeast Florida know that the most renowned local surf export of the last decade or so–the city of Jax gave him his own day!–hasn’t disappeared. He’s surfing as much as ever, impressing as often with his vertical game, flying high into the North Florida breeze. But…those clips. Thompson in proper surf. Showing off his Jax Beach-cribbed arsenal in waves of consequence. We missed them so!

Well,  Mr. Thompson certainly made our day yesterday, dropping a very good surf clip “Spring Cleaning”–a compilation of deep caverns, big boosts, wild rotes, and a ridiculous combo, all of which was stacked over the course of two recent excursions to Central America. One of our fave local lens-people, Connor Cornell, captured the footy. Big time Void bud, John Massey sliced and reassembled the edit. And longtime pals, the riff-heavy madmen Darkhorse Saloon provide the soundtrack.

To be sure, though, Thompson does the heavy lifting.

Click play to see why we always look forward to watching Cody, whether doing so in black or @whitesunglasses, surf.

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G from John Massey on Vimeo.