Do you find it intolerable to watch videos of people surfing when there are no waves and you yourself have been unable to shred? Samesies. Which is why, while we really dug this edit from the ever-multitalented Trenton “Tarpits” Phillips, we were much too envious to view it, much less share it.

Until now! A nice, direly needed summertime swell filled in circa Monday-ish, allaying our covetousness enough that we could revisit Phillips’ clip. In “Glitter,” edited and filmed by John Massey (with additional footage provided by Cameron Alvarez), we find the recent Old City Log Jam runner up and winner of the contest’s coveted Most Stylish Award trimming, noseriding, turning around every which way, and even skateboarding during more consistently wave-filled days this past winter.

Check it out!