If 2012 Masters Champ Bubba Watson isn’t already holding the top spot for fan-favorite, he’ll surely be there soon. The loveable Southern gentleman who was born in the small town of Bagdad, FL prides himself in being a family man to his wife Angie and adopted son, Caleb. After the biggest win of his career at The Masters,  Bubba openly wept on his mother’s shoulder of the emotional victory because both were still mourning the loss of his father, Gerry, who was a golf star in his own right.

While attending the University of Georgia, Bubba helped lead the Dawgs to a SEC title for the golf team in 2000 before turning pro in 2001. But realizing he was a role model to many kids, Bubba went back to school in 2008 to finish his degree to show the importance of finishing school while trying to achieve your dreams at the same time.

Though Bubba is a faith-based family man, he knows how to have fun at the same time. He purchased THE General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, uses a pink-colored driver while golfing and recently had a hovercraft golf cart built to glide over water hazards on the course proving golf doesn’t have to be as boring as some country clubs make it out to be…


You’re well known for your Golf Boys video, who’s your favorite boy band?

It’s not a band it’s one guy. Justin Bieber!!! I want to dance like him, I want to be him. Justin Bieber is my idol.

How many golf matches do you drive the General Lee to and where’s the weirdest place you’ve taken it?

I only drove it to one tournament but I took it through In and Out Burger once, that was fun.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what it would be and why?

Burrito from Chipotle – so easy and so delicious

Favorite hobby outside of golf that doesn’t require electricity?

Basketball. I’m training to be a part of Lob city.

Pro athlete you envy the most and why?

My wife, She played four years of professional basketball and retired. So now I envy her because she doesn’t have to train and practice as much as I do.

Dead or Alive: Fav Hollywood crush?

David Hasselhoff for sure; he got to drive KIT around.

World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship - Round One

If we were to open your fridge right now, what are three things we would find?

Bottled water. Pure Coconut milk for my son, Caleb. Yogurt.

What’s one movie you recommend everyone should see before they die?

The Natural. Everyone wants that moment where you knock out the lights with a home run.

What is the biggest “for fun” purchase you have made with your earnings for far?

Definitely the General Lee.

What’s your favorite hole at THE PLAYERS besides #17?

Because of the history and the finishing stretch, the 16th hole.

Prediction on who will win THE PLAYERS? (besides yourself of course)

I’m still going with myself.