North Florida super-grom, Braeden Kopec has a lot going for him. A repertoire of full rail carves. Steezy hand placement. And a full head of sun-bleached hair that makes him look like a mini Mike Hynson.

At just 11-years old, Kopec’s already racked up three East Coast Championships and placed highly in nearly every contest of note he’s entered, including finals appearances in various Rip Curl Grom Search and Volcom TCT events.

If you’re not yet overcome with covetousness, consider that while many North Florida surfers were covered head-to-toe in neoprene this winter, Kopec was enjoying the lukewarm waters of the Central American dry season, sliding across Costa Rican beachies in trunks and a t-shirt (oh, and he had access to a drone to film it all).

Try as you might to hate-watch the edit of Kopec’s recent foreign exploits, keep in mind that (even if you were similarly four feet tall) you’d likely still lack the adroitness and skill the Flagler Beach youngster has mastered to carve up these playful Costa peelers.

So, curb your malevolence for a moment. Sit back, relax and enjoy Kopec’s good fortune and unassailable style.