If–like we do–you’ve got a (un)healthy social media diet, you likely come across no shortage of aphorisms–short, sometimes pithy observations about our existence that generally hold some meaningful truth–posted into feeds on Instagram or Twitter, often plastered in rigid fonts on top of inspirational backgrounds of water or mountains. Everyone, from Twitter comedians to YouTube celebs, seems to be in the business of inventing–or most often stealing– them, less to inspire, than to promote their own world view, and therefore themselves (or their brand).

But for Miami’s Ben Katzman–who fronts the riff-rock outfit, Degreaser–the aphorisms serve as anthemic choruses to the band’s songs. And they seem to not only flow naturally, but come out exceptionally original, playful, and ultimately earnest.

With hooks like “Kindness is Hot”, “I’m too old for retail”, and “Kool is the Rool” (watch below), Katzman manages to capture much about the modern millennial experience in just a short phrase. When combined with the frontman’s infectious energy and face-melting riffage, DeGreaser truly inspires!

DeGreaser stopped by Void HQ awhile back and laid down a few tracks, including “Kool is the Rool”–Katzman’s modern interpretation of The Golden Rule, which–if you’re familiar with the band’s music or live performances–could easily serve as the singer/guitarists life mantra. Click play to rock!

Presented by: The Amp