Like many contemporary artists, Mark Creegan’s work often explores the very nature of art making. His mixed media work of late makes use of the most basic, seemingly unremarkable, blandly functional objects–combs and bathmats, for example–to create transfixing pop art. Furthermore, Creegan’s collections of self-described “silly songs” (reviewed here by Daniel A. Brown) are sonic assemblage pieces, making use of contemporary musical elements in primitive, DIY fashion.

Combing I, combs, bathmat, hair ties, acrylic paint on canvas, 57″X44″, 2019 || Mark Creegan

All of the above certainly makes Creegan one of Jacksonville’s most interesting artistes. Which makes it ever more interesting to wonder how the FSCJ Assistant Professor of Drawing and Design approaches pedagogy. Well, a recent video Creegan shared on social media gives a clue.

The video shows the artist spitballing (to someone(?) off camera) about how to approach yet another semester of distance learning. In a Harvey-esque monologue, Creegan becomes increasingly unglued before resigning himself to the strictures dictated to him (and giving up on his doodling). Not just a disassembly of the core elements of arts education, it’s a commentary on the push and pull between two often diametrically opposed roles, artist and arts instructor. It’s also entertaining and worth 200 seconds of your time.

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Creegan’s work and the work of many local artists appear in Void Magazine’s May 2020 issue. Click the mag below to Check In with Jacksonville artists, musicians, and eternal optimists. 

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