If you’re not one to do the surfing, the name Anastasia Ashley may mean very little. But, regardless of your prediction for The Barrel, you might want to join her other 1-mil-plus followers on the Instagram. Once a member of this vast community, you will glean a fair amount of insight into what turning a once promising professional surf career into a much larger, much more influential one as a social media influencer entails.

Just as a little background, since nabbing a nod as the Van’s Triple Crown (one of the most prestigious contest circuits in all of surfdom) Rookie of the Year in 2003, the now-31-year old SoCal native has become a not-so-minor cultural phenomenon, appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as well as on Fox’s top-rated cooking show Hell’s Kitchen, all the while launching a popular jewelry line and becoming a sought after social media guru.

And it’s that resume that has apparently prompted multiple tourism boards and chambers of commerce to hire Ashley to juice up the national profiles of their respective cities. Such was the case when Ashley accepted an invite from Visit Jax to spend a little time on the First Coast.

And what did the ever-photogenic influencer do during her stay in the 904? Click play on the vid below to see highlights from Ashley’s visit, which include some skateboard cruising, some slow-motion beckoning, and some surfing; much of which takes place under grey winter skies within the confines of Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park in Mayport.

To Ashley, we say: Congratulations! you are a bonafide Human of Hanna!