Trigger warning: The following article and video discuss suicide.

We’re pretty much enamored with Addie Gibson. A stylish surfer. An immutably creative artist. She’s got it all going.

But beyond Gibson’s alluring visual output and expressive surfing, there’s a depth of spirit that makes her an even more endearing creator and human being.

Art by Addie Gibson

In the newest episode of “Beach People”, an episodic series from Florida-bred sunscreen brand Sun Bum, Gibson shares the story of her late-father’s struggle with mental health, which led to his death by suicide when Gibson was just 17-years old.

“I think he just felt a lot. Maybe more than other people,” Gibson says of her father, whose memory she says she carries with her both in and out of the water.

As she’s emerged a creative force in Northeast Florida’s art scene, Gibson’s consistently deployed a colorful pallete and whimsical figures in paintings that tackle taboo subjects, such as mental illness, with relatable messages of hope.

Art by Addie Gibson

In the episode, Gibson takes a similar tack, seeking to inspire and end the stigma surrounding mental health by opening up about her own experiences. Featuring gorgeous cinematography by St. Augustine’s Drew Miller, the six-minute episode follows Gibson around Northeast Florida–surfing, creating, opening up, and inspiring. It’s a powerful clip and certainly worth a watch.

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