As surfers we often imagine that all eyes are on us when we’re up and riding. Truth be told, unless you’re surfing is consistently cool, or mind-blowing, nobody wants to watch your amateur water dance.

Flagler Beach’s Robbie McCormick surfs pretty cool; and he does so consistently. So on a recent windblown day at the Flagler Beach Municipal Pier, it’s no wonder that every spectator–whether hanging on the beach or parked in front of the break–had their eyes on Rastaa Robb. Evidence of McCormick’s ability to draw eyeballs came in the form of this Insta clip, which features the Northeast Florida standout going Mach 10 before launching into a massive, beastly rote that ignited hoots, gasps, and a carhorn from the peanut gallery.

Click the clip below to feast your eyes on one of our region’s most-watched surfers.


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Spinner from 30 minutes ago. Clip: @jamebizzle

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