If you’re already acquainted with beaches-based rock quartet 9E, you know the band fancies the dark and the heavy. Besides the collection of riff-heavy and atmospheric noise on the group’s 2018 EP Desert Nights, 9E was–in the pre-COVID days, that is–enjoying some forward momentum, its unique equation slow-ambient + fast-loud earning the band its share of rowdy small-club gigs and a handful of road jaunts.

What’s certainly true of the four-piece–which includes Brent Knoechel and Don Nicol (Strange Friend) on drums and bass respectively, as well as longtime collaborators Jason Hoy and Beaches Renaissance Man Tony Prat (Cobain’s Brains, Two-Way Radio) on guitars and vox–is that the sum is greater than the parts. For his part, Prat–whose earned the nickname The Black Magik Priest–is as multiplex a front-person as could be imagined, claiming visual artist, videographer, and DJ among a list of his many hyphenated side gigs.

Prat imagined and directed the band’s newest video in his own image. A low lit, black and white affair, the video for “4 X 1000 Years” (which appeared on Void’s first all-local compilation Void on Vinyl (vol 1)) shows Prat perhaps leading his bandmates through some kind of heavy rock séance. Or maybe Prat’s leading a lesson in his distinctive Black Magik Math. Either way, we’re digging both the tune and the video.

Click play to see the numbers add up on “4 X 1,000 Years”.