Though they would probably not like us saying so, the members of 9E are perfectly suited for the role of elder statesmen of Northeast Florida’s rock n’ roll scene. A relative Jax-supergroup if there ever was one, the band stays true to the tried-and-true (the core, if you will) bass-drums-guitar-guitar quartet model. They make cool, heavy rock, blending an apt rhythm section—compliments of Brent Knoechel and Don Nicol (formerly of popular local act Strange Friend)—with the synergy of the decades-long musical partnership between Darkhorse Saloon guitarist Jason Hoey and Beach’s Renaissance Man Tony Prat (a relationship that spans something like a half dozen groups, including the ahead-of-its-time duo Cobain’s Brains). They’ve been playing, locally, a lot, since forming roughly a year and a half ago, notably headlining a casual-residency at Atlantic Beach’s Fly’s Tie. They make music videos, too.

All of the above is cool, sure. It’s also par for the course for any emerging band.

What’s inspiring, though, for young (-er, or -ish) musicians in the area, and what makes the group–much to their chagrin, I imagine–role models is the member’s insistence on supporting the scene. 9E’s Fly’s Tie residency has come to double as a showcase for new and upcoming groups, with frontman Prat enthusiastically embracing the freedom to choose 9E’s supporting acts each evening. Over the course of several month’s they’ve helped reenergize the local rock scene, specifically at the beaches, and, of course, turned many an ear in 9E’s loud, dissonant direction.

Click play below to watch these role models rip through “Poison Two” a track from its 2018 debut, Desert Nights.

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