Your morning cup of joe could now be your morning cup of jane. Mirth Provisions is introducing marijuana-infused coffee to Washington State this summer. Aptly named, “Legal,” this coffee promises to give you a different sort of morning jolt. With 20 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a high, it is similar to the feeling of having an IPA or a glass of wine.

Marijuana retail stores open in early July in Washington, being the only other state along with Colorado that has legalized the recreational use marijuana. Creator, Adam Stites, said the beverage doesn’t contain too much THC where it is an unpleasant experience. For people that are not used to marijuana, he wants them to feel comfortable sipping the drink, verses having to light one up. Mirth Provisions also has fruit flavored sodas containing cannabis. The sodas have different effects. The Rainier Cherry flavor will give you a head high, while Lemon Ginger is more of a “butt meet couch” effect.

Legal coffee

Marijuana infused foods are all the hype lately, with pizza shops, food trucks and whole food lines cropping up. Healthcare professionals do warn to not overuse the products, so, one cup of coffee will do. The company recommends drinking half of the bottle, waiting about an hour to see how you feel, and then drinking the rest. These 11 ounce drinks are expected to be $9-11 per bottle. While we are unlikely to see Legal in Florida anytime soon, feel free to try this one of a kind coffee if you’re in the Seattle area.