If you haven’t heard, we just dropped a podcast miniseries with WJCT Public Media called The VOIDCAST. We’ve long felt like music streaming services like Spotify make it increasingly difficult to discover music made by local artists. In that vein, The VOIDCAST cuts through the digital noise and subverts the algorithms, taking listeners through the past and present with the help of local musicians, producers, and the people who lived local music history.

Hosted by Void Mag editor Matthew Shaw and produced by WJCT’s Lindsey Kilbride (“What it’s Like“, “Oddball“), the miniseries dives deep into the Allman Brothers Band’s formative period in Jacksonville, introduces listeners to the locals making music alone in their bedrooms — including one who scored a big record deal, and passes the mic to women and queer people claiming their space in the Northeast Florida hip hop scene.

If that’s not enough to hook you, here are five quotes from the show, for which we’ll provide little to no context, that may peak your curiosity.

“I still can’t believe that the cops weren’t here with batons swinging on hippie skull.”
-Void Arts & Music Columnist Daniel A. Brown, Ep. 2 “Please Call Home”

“Most bands get a chance to play their embarrassing shows in front of a ten people. But we were in this unique situation of playing our embarrassing shows in front of 500 people.”
-Brian Squillace, Ep. 1 “In My Room”

“The most history making figures in hip hop are the women.”
-Ebony Payne English, Ep. 3 “Space to Spit”

“The reality is I’m just a trans-femme with a really impeccable sense of style. But that’s the least interesting thing about me.”
-Bebe Deluxe, Ep. 3 “Space to Spit”

“I was told house rules were shoes off.”
-Host Matt Shaw, Ep. 3 “Space to Spit”

“I wanted to marry George Harrison. I think I came pretty close.”
-Linda Miller, Ep. 2 “Please Call Home”