Set election fatigue aside, Jaxonvillians, because it’s time to hit the polls again.  That’s right, there is another election going on right now. I know… you had no idea, right?  That’s fine, that’s why we’re here (to be clear: some of us didn’t know either). So, in order to raise awareness about the goings-on, we are here with Void Votes simply to serve as the prodding stick to get you off the couch and into the voting booth.

So what’s on the ballot?

First, the Consolidated Government First Election is happening on March 19, 2019 with early voting already underway. According to the Duval County Supervisor of Elections, a first Consolidated Government election is held on the twelfth Tuesday of 2019. Each candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast in each contest in the first election shall be declared elected for such office.

A general Consolidated Government election shall be held  on the eighth Tuesday after the first election (in this case, May 14, 2019) in all contests in which a candidate does not receive a majority. The candidates in the general election shall be the two candidates with the highest vote totals in the first election.

In other words: If no candidate gets 50% of the votes in March, we move on to another election in May. Why? Well, why not?

The highest profile contest on the ballot is the mayoral race. Incumbent Lenny Curry is being challenged by Omega Allen, Anna Lopez Brosche and Jimmy Hill. The winner of this most contentious and coveted seat will largely set the course for Duval in the near term.

High crime rates, education and environmental policy have typically take center in our local mayoral races, and this cycle is no different, if not more so emphasized by a recent spike in reported homicides in Duval County and a community that is fed-up with the violence.

Following suit on crime and action, the sheriff’s seat is up for election, as well. Mike Williams, current JSO sheriff faces off against Tony Cummings in a contest that will impact not only crime and prevention, but community relations and outreach.

Some pertinent county offices are also up for grabs with current Property Appraiser Jerry Holland facing off against Kurt Kraft and current Tax Collector Jim Overton being challenged for his seat by John R. Crescimbeni.

Five City Council At-Large seats are up for grabs as well and go as follows:

Group 1 Candidates: Garry Barrett, Connell A. Crooms, Jack Daniels, Terrance Freeman and Lisa King

Group 2 Candidates: Darren Mason and Ron Salem

Group 3 Candidates: Tommy Hazouri, James C. Jacobs and Greg Rachal

Group 4 Candidates: Matt Carlucci, Harold McCart and Don Redman

Group 5 Candidates: Niki Brunson, Chad Even McIntyre and Samuel Newby

There are no ballot measures on the ballot and, as such, nothing to break down other than the fact that, yes, there is an election going on and, YES, you should get out and vote. Do your homework and let your voice be heard. For more information, check out the Duval County Supervisor of Elections website here.