You’ve read the ballot and done your homework. You are ready and charged up to participate in Democracy. It’s your duty. It is your right! Wait… am I are even registered to vote?

If you are unsure about your voting status, do not fret. Checking is easy. You may have moved or gotten married and changed your name. All good. you are 30 seconds away from knowing if you can fill in your ballot or not.

Head over to the Florida Voter Check Status. Enter your first name, last name and date of birth and voila! You’ll see your eligibility, polling place and status of your ballot.

Voting is easy. PLUS: Who doesn’t like a free sticker?

Now, if for whatever reason your status is still in question, you can always go to the polls and request a provisional ballot. You don’t even need your ID to request one. Simply ask! Once submitted, your provisional ballot will be verified by the local canvassing board and you will be updated on the status of your ballot within 30 days of submitting it.

You can always check the Florida Department of State Voter Frequently Asked Questions for links and information.

To keep this short, just go to the polls. You cannot be turned away, so Go Vote!

NOTE: To study up on this year’s ballot, head here.