As always, Void’s September 2020 issue features a curated list of local music releases. New and much anticipated sounds from Geexella, an uptempo number from electronic pop duo LANNDS, some sunny, Indie pop from Luc Napier, a very good collection from Duval’s fave hip-hop collective L.O.V.E. Culture and more highlight Void’s Fall 2020 local music playlist on Spotify.

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Read about some of the tracks on our fall playlist below. 

Bik Jay
“Ephemeral Thoughts” video
The mega-chill artist’s visuals for his latest “Ephemeral Thoughts” took top honors for Best Music Video in our #1 in the 904 poll. Over the course of the song and accompanying video (directed by Jay), he addresses the past six months of racial injustices, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, and the bizarreness of what is occurring in America; made a little less bizarre through Blk Jay’s rhymes and worldview.

Hensley EP 
If you’re looking for some jangly jams performed by a well-adjusted and decidedly unproblematic collection of musicians (we see you Burger Records!), this four-song release should find your earholes immediately.

Eddy Braveaux
A concept album at heart, Prototype finds the young artist unpacking universal emotions like loss and disappointment (“L’s” as Braveaux calls them), as well as the trepidation and miscommunication many young folks feel in the face of emerging technology.

Longineu Parsons III
“Duo Paloma” livestream show
The Ribault High alum turned FAMU professor has been leading his own groups for five decades now. His regular group includes his son (and Yellowcard drummer), LP, but this duet project features just the trumpeter and his wife, Dr. Joanna Sobkowska, on piano. For as much as they play together, rarely have the results been documented, so this is nice. The stream first aired on July 10, and is archived as part of Gainesville’s “Free Fridays” series.

The Noctambulant
“Lucretia My Reflection”
“My Dark Desires”
Whether through default or design (or demonology), The Noctambulant, Duval’s dark stars of melodic black metal, just released two interesting cover versions of songs by two dissimilar bands. First up: a take on ‘80s UK goth-guru’s Sisters of Mercy’s “Lucretia My Reflection.” Noctambulant sticks the original’s relentless stomping tempo and drive but adds their own unique touches: deep-growl vocals, crunch-supreme guitars, and a laudable move in forgoing the “totally ‘80s” gated snare drum of the original. Up next: Noctambulant take a stab at “My Dark Desires,” from ‘90s second-wave black metal Swedes: Dark Funeral. As with “Lucretia,” the Noctambulant display a kind of measured restraint and reverence rarely heard in “covering” another artist’s material. With “Desires,” the band utilizes a kind of casual fury that, in some ways, ups the ante on the original. No small feat, and sure worth your quarantine music-buying clams. 

Photo: Marc Mangra

“We Don’t”
Three years after their laudable debut, Gee Things, singer-rapper-Dj-impresario-activist Geexella’s first new track in three years is bound to surprise. Produced in collaboration with guitarist and drummer Myles Joyner, as well as producer Brok Mende, “We Don’t” is a candy-coated, lo-fi endeavor into the analog-esque sonics and lovestruck lyrics of Indie-pop, in contrast to the more electronics-and-samples-heavy tracks on the hip-hop-forward, Willie Evans Jr-produced Gee Things

The duo’s newest track “o.o.w.” (released on Friday, August 21) is perhaps its most dynamic yet. “I’m all out of ways to make this work,” Rania Woodard sings as the samples kick back in and a dynamic, intricately woven, and hooky-as-all-hell pop song unspools behind her. “o.o.w” leaves us yearning for more of LANNDS’s attempts to “make this work.”

Kairos Creature Club
“Voodoo Success” video
Lights! Camera! Acid! The first music video from local garage-psych-inscrutables Kairos Creature Club (KCC) is also their first single for Brooklyn, NY label Greenway Records. And that’s where any semblance of promotional normalcy disintegrates. A “Visual Maze” directed by Brit Phelan, “Voodoo Success” is an interactive “choose your own adventure”-style experience with a plucky opening invitation to “Choose Wisely…or Die,” as you ready yourself to guide the protagonist(s). 

Photo: Michael Rakim

L.O.V.E. Culture
Vol. 2 EP
The evolution of Duval’s fave artist collective continues–though it’s clear they remain tuned to the same frequency. With distinctive contributions from each member of the collective, the individual parts are enough to warrant high praise. Yet, “Vol. 2” is more proof that when a talented and mission-driven group of artists get together, the sum can be greater than the parts.

s/t EP
Mid-quarantine, North Florida underground metal five-piece SWAMP cast their EP on the world and it’s surely worthy of your attention. The band brings some inventive and surprising twists to the death/thrash/southern blast/insert current metallic descriptor. In this age of certain death for us all, it’s nice to be surprised and enthused about a local group that releases a primo EP out of the proverbial blue.

These entries were part of the “Void Recommends” feature in Void Magazine’s September 2020 issue.