Editor’s Note: Happy Tuesday! To help you enjoy your last day of April, here is a look at some news from around the Jacksonville community and beyond! Be sure to check back here tomorrow for a look into your weekend event forecast. And remember…Void loves you!


Community News


Jaguars shake things up, dismissing three execs. READ MORE


Dangerous rip currents expected along the Florida coastline. READ MORE

Tim Tebow has plans to open a restaurant on Hodges Blvd. READ MORE


JU grabs money for floating classroom. READ MORE


News From The Void

Man cuts watermelon in 21 seconds

Man loses life savings at a carnival game and walks away with stuffed banana

Man loses life savings at carnival game and walks away with stuffed banana. READ MORE


Spider-Man performer steals $6,000 on Hollywood Boulevard. READ MORE

Solid gold shirt worth $250,000

Solid gold shirt worth $250,000. READ MORE

Florida couple captures killer footage…No pun intended