So here we are, just a few days away from this year’s Void Pro/Am surfing competition which is presented by Kona Brewing Co.

And you want to know if we’ll have waves, right? The short of it: We will! Or should, anyway.

OK, here’s the long version:

As most know, we are nearing the climatological peak of hurricane season which is on Sept 10th. With that said, we are finally starting to see some tropical activity at the nick of time for our event! Currently, we are monitoring a tropical disturbance with 20% chance of development over the Bahamas which is now forecasted to move over our area and into the Atlantic basin and eventually up the eastern seaboard. At the same time, this topical low will be interacting with the tail end of a stalling frontal boundary. Historically, these types of interactions can produce a decent fetch of northerly swell for our area.

With all that being said, timing is everything. As it looks today, we should see small, but rideable ESE wind swell over the weekend from this weak disturbance. The icing on the cake would be a potential uptick on Sunday (finals day) as the new northerly swell may start to fill in.

Thank you @dabuhsurf for keeping us in the loop with all the latest insider info!

**Keep in mind that this forecast is hinging on many variables so there are no guarantees. But we are hopeful for, at minimum, contestable surf this weekend. Especially on Sunday.

We will be updating this forecast with any changes. Stay tuned and pray for surf!