Location: Jacksonville, Fla.

Members: Mitch Kuhman – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard

3 things to do while listening to his music:
1. Drinking
2. Dancing
3. Mingling

Shows: Whether performing acoustically solo or with his band, Mitch is coming to a bar/venue near you. His live performance is intimate and interactive, creating plenty of moments of participation and fun. You won’t be able to sit still!

Sound description: Most recently the front man of the pop punk trio, Miley on Meth, Mitch Kuhman is a 25 year old up-and-coming musician who specializes in deconstructing the mainstream norm and creating an experience to be enjoyed by all. Covering all sorts of music from Top 40, to classic rock, to underground with an original touch, there’s something for every one. With his push-the-line brand of humor crossed with dynamic vocals and guitar touch, he creates an interactive show that’s hard to deem “background noise.”