Here at Void, we live by the motto, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

In order to see just which one of the Void crew truly was the fastest, we decided to head on over to Autobahn Indoor Speedway and settle things with a race — something we dubbed the Void Grand Prix.

When the race was initially announced to the office, there was a lot of s**t talking, sharing of Ricky Bobby quotes and references to Mario Kart, but with a grand prize of being able to claim you’re the fastest employee at Void (and literally nothing else), the stakes were pretty high.


We set out for Autobahn during an extended lunch break and were quickly swept through all of the pre-race procedures.

The setup was simple. Two rounds of racers were matched up in a preliminary round to determine the top eight racers, who would then go on to compete in the great eight and final round to claim the title of fastest Void employee.

During the first two rounds, there was some bumping, a few minor crashes and a lot more trash talk. Eventually, the top riders looking to claim the prize were Aaron (el presidente), Chris (Sales Manager), Wes (Art Director) and yours truly.


It all came down to the final race (the one that would determine the true winner), and this one had a bit of a special setup. The folks running the show (and keeping all us Void peeps from getting out of hand) had us line up along the track in our qualifying places.

With just four laps to win, the tension was high as each of us donned our helmets and climbed into the cars. When the green flag dropped, tires squealed and each of us gunned it.

After watching the other rounds, most of us realized that braking was almost completely unneeded in the turns, so we resorted to keeping the petal to the metal. While the earlier rounds were mostly civil with a few minor accidents, this last round resulted in some pileups and red flags.


A couple restarts later, we were down to the final lap, with Aaron in the lead, me right behind him and Wes and Chris neck and neck for third. Ultimately, Aaron would take the crown and finish first, taking a much-needed victory lap around the course with the checkered flag.

Despite a few disgruntled remarks from the losers, we had a damn fine lunch break and an awesome time at Autobahn.



1st Place: Aaron Meisenheimer

2nd Place: Zach Sweat

3rd Place: Wesley Parsons

4th Place: Chris Griffith

5th Place: Kassie Ashburn

6th Place: Haleigh Dunning

7th Place: Jonar Delmundo

8th Place: Sara Shapiro