Every July the Worlds Largest Fishing Convention, ICAST, migrates from the shiny lights of Las Vegas to its rightful home in the epicenter of the fishing world here in Orlando, FL! Fishing has been a focal point of VOID Magazine since day one, and has carried on with our North Florida fishing culture in Voidlive. As members of the media we get to take a sneak peak at all of the best fishing products at the exclusive Product Showcase the night before they are unveiled to the rest of the world at Day 1 of ICAST 2014! We not only get to view all of these game changing products, but we also get to stake our claim with our votes for the Best in Show products that are awarded at the Presidents Awards banquet the following evening.

The fiscal year of the fishing industry runs from July to July, hence after ICAST each year, all of the great new products at the show are taken to market right in time for fall fishing and holiday retail seasons! You can find anything and everything at this trade show, and all of the best of the best anglers and celebs alike are on hand for filming, interviews, autographs, and product promotion. Everywhere you turn the media is present from all over the world, on camera interviews left and right, photographers snapping product and lifestyle pics rapidly, and models at just about every booth displaying the hottest new gear and apparel!

It goes even further though as ICAST always takes it the next level. Huge on floor displays of the sickest boats around, and an olympic sized fly-casting pond built right into the middle of the show for demoing products in real time as you would on the water. Onsite, and offsite parties throughout the International Drive area, and some remote product and boat demos across some pristine private lakes in Orlando! After the first day your head is spinning from all of the awesome new things you’ve seen, people you’ve met and spoken to, and photo opps at every turn.

Between all of the lures, rods, reels, plastics, tackle, apparel, accessories, and the list goes on and on, there were a few select products and trends that stood out the most. The biggest common innovation around the show this year was technology. Such as touch screen capabilities from companies like NAVICO that produces LOWRANCE, SIMRAD, and MOTOR GUIDE. You can now program your LOWRANCE Elite system to chart a trolling path to your MOTOR GUIDE trolling motor and literally hit “go” while your boat holds a perfect troll down a bank line as you cast hands free. Want to adjust your position, just use your wireless lanyard around your neck or hit the app on your phone! Optics had a huge presence as well, we all know GoPro is the biggest name in the market, but many other like products are coming out left and right, and even morphing into hybrid forms. Abu Garcia reels now have a reel with a GoPro optic built in to catch all of your fighting action right from your reel seat at the touch of a button! The segment of fishing that has grown with immense traction over the last 3 shows is the presence of “man-powered” fishing crafts! Hobie unleashed the beast with their new Mirage Pro Angler 17′ Tandem, and followed up with an inflatable fishing SUP too! Modified SUPs have taken storm into fishing and BOTE seems to be making a charge. They now make SUPS with casting platforms, rod holders, storage, decking, and YETI cooler mounts! Sure to be one of the hottest new baits this fall will be the suspending C-Eyes twitch bait from MirrOlure! This lure comes with a unique eye color, multiple natural color presentations, and should turn on the bite for big inshore species from now into the future!

ICAST 2014 was an amazing show, and VOID looks forward to giving you another sneak peak into what the fishing industry has up its sleeve annually before the products even hit the shelves to get you frothing in line at Strike Zone within the next months as inventories begin to arrive! Enjoy the teaser gallery below, and be on the lookout for VOID Fishing to be bringing more in depth product reviews periodically online throughout the future months!