Hot, wild and windy this week, but the bite has been strong both offshore and inshore! Should be pretty good for Saturday as we’ll get a little bit of the quiet before the storm, but Sunday is growing to be the beginning of a little nor’easter that will shut things down out the back until later in the week. If you have to duck and cover though to get some water time, there should be some pockets of protection inshore to get on the bite!

St. Augustine – Capt. Kevin Faver: Great week offshore in the St. Aug area! There were a few kings here and there, and some amazing sizable bait pods still hanging around nearshore. We’ve had an influx of beautiful blue Gulf-stream water, and there were some nice sailfish caught within 8 miles of the beach! Loads of seaweed being pushed in from the windy conditions, but the flounder have moved in on the nearshore reefs and wrecks in the 4lb.+ size! Reminder, June 1st is the opening of shrimping season, and you can guarantee that the sharks and tarpon will be following the boats as they come in!

Jacksonville – Capt. Kirk Waltz: This week has been really good! Lots of kings being caught off the beach, and a few rays still hanging around here and there holding some cobia as well as on the reefs and wrecks! Some big sails were hooked up trolling live pogeys within 2 miles of the beach! In the St. Johns River we got onto an amazing bull red bite using big live pogeys in 40ft of water. The highlight was 17 bull reds caught in one day up to 50lbs! Some tarpon and sharks were see off the beach on the bait pods, and an 8ft bull shark was caught all the way up in the river!

Inshore/Kayak – Rory Gregg: Lots of action inshore this week with all species being caught aggressively! There were schooling reds down in Guana, bull reds in the river, and loads of trout and flounder as well! It’s a great time of year to be on the water, just gotta be ready to bail out with passing thunder storms or find some shelter until they pass. Good tides this weekend, and Saturday should be the day as the winds will be laid down in the morning with the top water bite turning on with the first of the incoming tide! We have some good low tides in the afternoon as well, and you could hit the feeder creeks and flats working live shrimp, mudders, or cast net some nice finger mullet for the hookup on an 1/8th-1/4oz. Slayer jig. If you want to throw arties, turn to the Cockroach SST by Slayer, and pound the edges of the oysters to rip some lips!





Contributing Captains – Kirk Waltz & Kevin Faver from: The Outdoors Show 7AM-10AM Saturdays on ESPN Radio 1010xl AM and 92.5 FM –