In the mid-80s, those geezers (like myself) who were witnesses to (and even participants within) the local underground music scene spent as much time trying to find good concerts as we did trying to avoid a “new wave stomping” by beer-toxic hair-metalheads. The most consistent and enjoyable band to see back in those pre-grunge-alt-rock days were the Beggar Weeds. A trio consisting of Alan Cowart, Scott Leuthold, and Adam Watson, the ‘Weeds were fixtures at Einstein-a-Go-Go, playing to packed houses as both the main event or as openers for countless touring bands. In 1988, the band released their vinyl-only release, Sure Pants Alot., deftly produced by St. Augustine producer-guru Jim DeVito on the band’s own Junior Highness Records. This writer’s favorite of the five tunes has always been “Churchin’”–a tune so catchy that it’s still stuck to my brain. If you really wanna blab about “Duval!” and your genius vinyl collection, snap up a copy of Sure Pants Alot., and be rocked by the past, right now.