Next up in the Void Artist Network, Kendrick Kidd.

A maddeningly talented freelance designer and illustrator, Kendrick Kidd’s varied creations–a range of productions that can evoke the simplicity and nostalgia of Folk art, while making use of bright, bold colors reminiscent of Pop art–are always playful and approachable.

Influenced by surf and skate culture, Kidd draws simultaneously clean and radical lines, and his Swiss Army Knife-esque skill set has made him one of the most sought after creative collaborators in Northeast Florida, his imagery appearing on dozens of local and national products.  

The Void Artist Network, or VAN, is an ongoing collaboration meant to showcase artists whose work is both inspired by our unique region and capable of inspiring others to push for a more-creative Northeast Florida.

Peep Kidd’s collection below. And click the products to shop our web store.

“Peace Coast” men’s tee (Back)

“Peace Coast” men’s tee (front)

“Peace Coast” women’s crop tee (back).

“Peace Coast” women’s crop tee (front)

Kendrick Kidd “Peace Coast” fine art print. || 10″x10″

Locally roasted by Paco’s Coffee || Ethiopian & Guatemalan blend ||
100% Certified Organic || 12 oz