We’re back. And we owe you, dear reader, a debt of gratitude.

Last month we issued a once-in-ten-years call to action. See, we make a free mag–we’ve made 115 of ‘em over the course of ten years. And we’d offered each one to the community we love for free, up until COVID-19 that is. When the pandemic hit, and businesses were forced to close, we lost 90% of our advertisers overnight. While we are overwhelmingly grateful for the ones that have stayed with us, it was the readers who brought us back from the brink. 

More than 400 readers, in fact, contributed to our Viva La Void campaign to keep print alive. We raised more $25K through our Indiegogo fundraiser, as well as private donations, all of which will cover the baseline costs of printing a new issue. That issue is now nearly ready to send to press. 

And we can’t wait to share it with you. So big thanks to every single person who threw down $5 for a raffle ticket, $20 to have the mag shipped to your door, $1,000 to get a Void Vessel surfboard, and the handful of folks who threw us a dollar. We owe you big time and can’t wait to celebrate with you via our July print issue. See ya on newsstands ’round town in a couple weeks.