Most sea creatures are pretty chill and just want to be left alone to swim around and enjoy their low-stress nomadic ocean lives. Nurse sharks are a perfect example of this innate marine go-with-the-flow attitude. That is, until you mess with them, as a swimmer in Boca Raton learned over this past weekend.

After a group of people were reportedly seen antagonizing the little shark, the unidentified woman exited the water with the two-foot creature attached to her arm. That’s right, it didn’t just bite her and swim away, it sank its tiny little shark teeth into her flesh and vowed to seek some serious shark revenge. This shark was so pissed, it clung to her and refused let go even after it died. She was transported to the hospital with the dead shark still hanging on to her, its sacrifice serving as a permanent reminder never to mess with wildlife again.


R.I.P. little shark, we salute your vindictive shark spirit. Stop messing with s*** in the ocean.