We’ve been hearing all our lives that TV rots your brain, and that same idea can be expanded for the 21st century to include the Internet. Spending too many hours endlessly scrolling through social media feeds can make you feel like a mindless zombie and has been shown to have detrimental effects on your overall well-being.

Take some time to disconnect. Turn off your screens and experience the real world for a few hours. Do things the way the pioneers did. Well, maybe you don’t need to go as far as churning butter or chopping fire wood for entertainment. But step back in time at least to the days before smartphones ruled our lives.


Get outside. Find a park or a nature trail to wander through. Become one with nature. Throw food at birds. See how fast you can run away from angry birds.


Craft something. Hit up Michael’s and channel your inner first grader. Buy a giant bag of pipe cleaners and let your creative juices flow. Bring back the lost art of making glue bookmarks with a Spacemaker.

Shoes pls

Get organized. How many pairs of shoes are gathering dust under your bed right now? Your mother would be so disappointed in you. Get your sh*t together and clean out your closet! Fill up a couple of trash bags to bring to Goodwill and feel good about how charitable you are.

Coffee time

Meet a friend for coffee. In my day, we had to use a phone attached to the wall if we wanted to talk to our friends. Call someone up the old-fashioned way and invite them out for a coffee date. Sit across from each other and take in their beautiful face. Have a real conversation, and don’t you dare take out your phone to look up the name of that one guy from that one movie. Argue about it for a while the way we used to before Wikipedia or IMDB existed.


Take pictures with a real camera. Head to a thrift store or dig through your neighbor’s trash and see if you can get your hands on a camera that isn’t attached to a phone. No clue what you’re doing? Check the library or online for info about film photography and get out there and take pictures of things! You’ll find that you’re more careful about what you shoot when you only get 24 pictures on a roll of film. No selfies allowed. Experience the excitement of waiting for your photos to be developed at the drug store. Hang your art on the wall proudly and invite your friends over to have a look.

Feeling inspired yet? Good, now turn off your computer and do something real.