University of North Florida is known for “NOT” having a football team. Students show their spirit through other sports, especially surfing. The University excels in board shorts and cutbacks, instead of helmets and touchdowns. UNF’s “big rivalry” of the year is happening Tuesday, November 18, at 3 p.m. The UNF Surf Team is competing against Flagler College’s Surf Team in a tow-at competition. Tow-at competitions mean two things: huge airs and a rowdy crowd.

With UNF and Flagler’s locations so close to the beach, some students spend more of their time in the water than in class. The best surfers all over the state of Florida choose to attend these two universities simply because they can surf everyday. With UNF anticipated to win Nationals this year, a huge rivalry has grown between the two schools.

Each team will have six surfers. Surfers will compete against each other mano a mano. Prizes will be rewarded for the winning team, best air, best turn and best wipeout. Red Bull, Flomotion, SPY, Nixon and Aqua East Surf Shop are sponsoring the event. With such a competitive roster for both schools, you can expect a blowout show!

UNF Surfers:

Max Mertens

photo 3.PNG

Corey Howell

photo 1.PNG

Merrick Cunningham

photo 4.PNG

Keaton Phillips


Chris Igou


Eric Wilson


Flagler Surfers:

Alec Zappone


Daniel Calloway

Seth Conboy

photo 5.PNG
Mike Poli


Dylan Leitman


Chris Poli


Across from the GATE Gas Station in Vilano Beach

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Gate Food Post
2700 S Ponte Vedra Blvd
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL