North Florida has been crushing it in the national press, of late. A few months ago notable surf website Surfline named Jacksonville one of the World’s Best Surf Cities. The New York Times just spent 36 hours in St. Augustine. And most recently, a homegrown, 40-year-old dance sensation broke the Internet. Basking in the glow of such notoriety, one would think it’d only be a matter of time before our region topped another listicle.

However, far from garnering top honors, Jacksonville ended up in the bottom ten of’s recent 2019 Top 100 Best Places to Live. Sure we made the list–and are therefore are a “best” place. But are there really 93 better best places to live than Jax? I don’t know much about, but any site that considers Idaho a best place to live (#1, no less!), is suspect. Click here to see who else made the cut.