You might be struggling to decide on which next-gen console to buy, and your friends are probably not helping. Your one friend, who is a Microsoft fan-boy, won’t stop talking about the Xbox’s all-in-one home entertainment capabilities, and your other friend, the Sony-lover, tells you that the only thing that matters is graphics and power.

End the debate, they are now one in the same. An Xbox One and a Playstation 4 have been combined into one portable device, on a 22″ HD screen.


Eddie Zarick, who created this gaming masterpiece known as the “Playbox” (which we swear isn’t a sex toy despite its erotic name), has done some other projects along these lines in the past, most notably combining an Xbox 360 with a PS3 in recent years. The unit only needs one power cord, with the Playstation on the left and the Xbox on the right. There is even a smart HDMI connection so it automatically knows which system is running. Check out the video for more details on how he crafted this ultimate gamer’s delight.

While he isn’t selling any of these new Playboxes at the moment, he did say if there was enough interest he would consider making more … just be prepared to drop a couple grand.