The wave pool. Every surfer’s fantasy of being able to surf at any time, regardless of swell, conditions and ocean access.

There have been some wave pools around that surfer’s get to experience, including one at Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando, but there is one in particular that has been considered the most efficient and advanced among the rest, The Wave Garden in the Basque Country of Northern Spain.


Dane Reynolds at the Wave Garden in Northern Spain

Soon, the United Kingdom will be among the list of locations around the world that have the advanced artificial wave technology found at the Wave Garden in Spain.

The UK is planning on two wave parks opening in Snowdonia and Bristol with the possibility of a third on the Isle of Wight. The facilities will all be part of a project to bring an interactive, new surfing technology to England, while improving community and economic situations surrounding the parks.


Prospective plans of the Snowdonia Wave Park.

According to Surf Park Central, a website devoted to updating the world with news about prospective wave parks, the parks will provide beginner and advanced waves, while incorporating features found that will go well with the wave parks.

The three parks are located in areas surrounded by beautiful landscapes, lakes or mountain ranges and will incorporate the natural beauty of those areas into the parks.

All the parks will vary with their prospective facilities, but all plan to incorporate features other than the wave parks to keep visitors who may not surf enjoying the locations as well.

For example, not only will there be wave parks, but foot trails through wooded areas, club houses and restaurants, small water parks with slides and pools, wakeboard cable parks, lake activities and a number of features to integrate the wave parks with the environment and community surrounding the facilities.

The park in Snowdonia is planned to open next year, with the others following suit soon after.

This means big things for surfers around inland UK and not only around Europe, but travelers looking to try this new face of surfing.