Fontus,” named after the roman god of wells and springs, may revolutionize things for bikers. It’s a device that attaches to your bike and turns air into water while you ride.

Fontus 1

How it works.

It was created by Krist’of Retez’ar, who is a design student in Vienna. The device works its magic as the bike moves forward and pulls air into the filter. Then, that air is slowed, cooled and condensed. Once the air is cooled, the moisture drips into the bottle. The current prototype is set to be $40.

Fontus 2

Its use could eventually go beyond cycling and one day even be a help to answering the water crisis by providing clean water and reducing waste. The best part is, the Fontus is powered with solar panels and requires no batteries. Until then, we can continue to marvel at the ideas and inventions that are in the works.