After announcing the departure of Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show” has finally found someone to replace the beloved host, though you might not know the name. Trevor Noah, a South African comedian, will serve as his replacement.

Noah, who has been featured as a contributor on the show, has made three appearances while Stewart was still hosting. Noah started acting at the age of 18 in South Africa, and has hosted sports, game, award and talk shows. His stand ups are very popular in South Africa, where he is a self-assured polyglot with an international perspective.

Noah appeared on “The Tonight Show” in January of 2012, and Letterman in May of 2013. He became the first South African to go on “The Tonight Show.” He was the subject of a 2011 documentary called, “You Laugh but It’s True,” about him preparing for his first one-man show. Much of his comedy is based off of his childhood experiences in a bi-racial family.

He joked on Letterman that he did not like being called the comedian from Africa.

“They make it sound like a guy in leopard skin’s going to come running on the stage,” he said. Jon Stewart said he is thrilled with the selection in a statement released earlier this week. Stewart may join the show as a correspondent from time to time, just as Noah did before.

Watch a clip below from one of Noah’s stand-ups.