Have you ever thought about surfing an epic desolate point break in the southern Pacific…with a boat load of trash dumped all around you? Well, local Indonesian surfer Dede Suriyana and photographer Zak Noyle did just that.

“It was crazy. I kept seeing noodle packets floating next to me,” -Zak Noyle. “It was very disgusting to be in there; I kept thinking I would see a dead body of some sort for sure.” “The trash had never been seen like this before in Indonesia; all of us were baffled,” said Noyle. Most of the beaches are still untouched by man, but this trash phenomenon does happen on certain tides/currents.

“The populated areas just dump their trash in the rivers or straight onto the sand to be washed away,” explained Jeff Hall, Noyle’s agent. “Unfortunately the tides and currents do a great job of carrying it away and depositing it on some of the most isolated (previously pristine) beaches in the world.” The location of these photos is far away from any population.

Indonesian goverment recently conducted a study tracing some of the trash to corporate companies, like Coca-Cola. These companies were asked to fund a local ocean-awareness campaign and asked to sponsor local surfers. Surfer, Dede Suriyana, is now sponsored by Coca-Cola. “This was one of Dede’s first trips with an American photographer after affixing the Coca-Cola logo to his board, but I don’t think this was exactly the image Coca-Cola was hoping for.” said Hall.

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