Are you more creative than a 5th grader? Maybe not. Seabreeze Elementary held their second annual Trashion Fashion and the results are pretty spectacular. The idea of Trashion Fashion is for the students to design and create wearable art from 100% recycled material. At first glance, it looks like something you might grab off of a rack at a clothing store.


The first place winner is Victoria Johnson! The dress was designed by Kaylan King and Melisande Pfeiffer. Maybe it’s the lighting and maybe it’s the spectacular sunset, but that dress looks awesome and is being modeled flawlessly. This work of art was derived from (believe it or not) wallpaper and plastic bag tops.

Photo by: Chris Smith

The second place winner is Winsor Crenshaw! This funky looking fashion statement was designed by Jasmine Davis and Kirsten McClelland. The sweeping, eye-catching dress was made from from brown paper and plastic bag tops. I don’t know about you but that paper bow on the beautiful sure did it for us!

Photo by: Chris Smith

The 3rd Place winner is Bella Brnic! This dazzling white dress was designed by Kat Buetel and Ella McDonough. It’s amazing that they made this from gauze and a trash bag. The model sure works the angelic features of this dress.
I’m sure choosing a winner was hard as all of these dresses are pretty remarkable given their make-up. These are some seriously creative and talented 5th graders with bright futures ahead of them. It’s awesome to see what kids are capable of and these dresses kind of take the cake!