By Cara Burky | Industry Expert

I don’t know about you, but as soon as that slight drop in temperature hits and Halloween costumes start popping up on my Pinterest feed, I can’t help but run to my winter closet and grab my favorite pair of fringe boots. Not only am I stoked to bust out all the really cute leg warmers and sweaters I own, but I am even more excited to change my house over from the bright colors of summer to the softer colors of fall. This may sound like quite the feat at first, but I want to share with you some tips and tricks on how to make this happen in a short amount of time and on a low budget.

One of the best and easiest ways to transform any room from season to season is to change the look of your throw pillows. Why buy a new couch or chair, or even new pillows, when you can just go to your local fabric store, pick your favorite fall fabric and cover your existing pillows without even having to sew? I haven’t the slightest idea how to use a sewing machine and have pretty much no time on my hands, so this was the absolute perfect pillow-covering system for me.

Another super simple trick I use any time I want to change up my home is none other than a good ole’ thrift store. Yes, it takes a little while to dig, but I have found some of the most unique things in my home at our local thrift shops. In this case, I snagged these awesome books for a little pop of color to match the “throw” and I also picked up these two great, vintage brass pieces. I even found this random faux branch of white flowers and these fabulous old frames. Originally, the frames had some creepy old paintings of clowns in them, but when you look past what’s in the middle and realize that these frames are absolutely beautiful, you can see that they have the potential to be the perfect backdrop for a fall space. I just bought a music book from Goodwill, tore out some songs, and used double-sided tape to attach the sheet music to the frame … and voila … beautiful pieces of art.

So the next time you feel that temperature drop and you feel the itch to watch “Hocus Pocus” and eat candy corn, it’s time to change up your living space to mirror the outdoors. And remember, it doesn’t always have to be difficult or even cost a lot of money. There are tons of easy ways to make your space say, “Happy fall y’all!” and get you ready for the (second) best season of the year.


  • Two yards of fabric for throw and pillow – Joann’s Fabrics – $23
  • Brass candlestick – Goodwill – $1
  • Brass vase -Goodwill – $2
  • Taper candle for brass candlestick – Sidney Cardel’s in Jacksonville Beach (comes in a set of two) – $6
  • Books (including the one used for the sheet music in the frames) – Goodwill – four for $2
  • Two frames – Goodwill – $10
  • Faux flowers – 50 cents

Total space makeover: $44.50

DIY No-Sew Pillow Covers

What You Need:

  • Fabric. I used one yard on a 20 x 20 pillow.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1: Place pillow down on the opposite side of fabric that you want showing

Step 2: Proceed to wrap pillow like a present with no tape.

Step 3: Once all wrapped up and looking pretty, fold about a half-inch of the last flap and glue down. Then glue your new seam to the other flap of fabric. You can either leave it at this (it will stay) or also glue around the corners for a more snug fit.

Tips & Tricks

Use a yard of fabric instead of a throw blanket. It’s cheaper and gives the same effect.  If you pick a flannel fabric, (because everyone loves some fall flannel) make sure to pre-wash it.

Vintage brass is a beautiful and cheap way to bring a little boho into your life. Buy a vase, pick some fall flowers and you’ve got yourself an awesome, unique accessory.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Here, I used a sort of tribal fabric for the “throw” and a fun grey and gold polka-dotted fabric for the pillow. I always say, “the funkier the better.”