There is more to football fandom than just watching your team play every Sunday. A true Jags fan keeps up with their cats both on and off the field by constantly staying informed. We’re here to help you be a better fan, so we’ve made a list of the top five places to go for all things Jaguars.


The Jaguars

This one’s a no brainer. After all, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the final source for all Jags information. “Our message makes it official,” social media coordinator Brandon Naidus said. “We utilize all of our organization’s social media accounts to make sure our fans are able to stay as informed and engaged as possible with all things Jaguars.” is the best source of all official news, but you’ll also find the Jaguars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Vine, the Jungle message boards, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Big Cat

Big Cat Country

Big Cat Country is the largest independent online database for all things Jaguars. Whether it’s news, opinions or analysis, Big Cat has it all. You can also read fanposts, share fanshots and even buy and sell tickets to the games straight from the site.

The site is currently managed by Jags fanatics Alfie Crow and Adam Stites, with help from Ryan Dale, Hank Jones, Cole Hartley, uncle Chaps BurritoBroSh*ts and others.

Big Cat Country is different from other Jagscentric forums, according to Crow.

“I feel like we bring some rational thought that you don’t get on most of the local radio shows and the big picture, which is more than the hot take, knee-jerk reaction,” he said. “We’re also on top of all the Jaguars information and try to bring it in a timely manner so you can find everything in one spot.”

Unlike the official Jaguars site, Big Cat Country doesn’t have to censor its information. Blog posts don’t have to be polite, and the hosts and fans alike make the Jags earn positive feedback, which is why it’s especially exciting to hear Crow’s outlook on the upcoming season.

“This year, I feel like if some things work out the Jaguars can take a massive leap forward. I think expecting something around seven to nine wins is very logical, considering where they came from when Dave Caldwell took over.”

Twitter: @BigCatCountry


Helmets and Heels

Helmets and Heels is a Jags sports radio show unlike any other. It airs on Tuesday nights from 7 to 8 p.m. on 1010XL/92.9 FM. The show offers a unique perspective on sports news through the eyes and mouths of four young women: Lauren Brooks, Donna Murphy, Blythe Brumleve and Amanda Borges.

“We cover the lifestyle aspect of football and sports and apply it to how it affects female fans. Women are highly entertained by the off-field stuff, such as what charities the players are involved in, and where the best tailgates are, so we tailor the show to those interests,” Brumleve said.  

The radio show partners with the Jaguars, who were also heavily involved in the start-up last August. This partnership helps them get insider Jaguars info, and also lands them on-air interviews with players, players’ wives and Head Coach Gus Bradley.

The show is more than just Jaguars, though. It also looks at sports stories with national appeal. The Ray Rice controversy, for example, was a big topic of conversation on Helmets and Heels. The hosts analyzed the ways the incident, the way the NFL handled it, and how it impacted views on domestic violence and women in general.

Twitter: @Helmetsandheels

Jaguars Today

Every weekday from 10 a.m to noon , Mike Dempsey hosts the “Jaguars Today” talk show live from EverBank Field. The show airs on 1010XL/92.5 FM and Dempsey takes pride in the show being all Jaguars, all the time. Archived podcasts of the show can be downloaded directly from

Countdown to Kickoff

From 11:30 a.m. to noon each Sunday game day, local sports anchors Brent Martineau and Dan Hicken host “Countdown to Kickoff” on CBS 47. The show is hosted on location each week, and with the help of former Jaguars quarterback and guest host David Gerrard, Martineau and Hicken analyze the upcoming matchup with up-to-the-minute news, statistics and analysis.